In order to keep some of our young, promising players, we will likely have to say goodbye to a few more Steeler greats one year after saying goodbye to Steeler stalwarts Hines Ward, James Farrior, Aaron Smith, and Chris Hoke. Here are the guys on our team who currently have a cap hit of greater than $2 million (I don't have the numbers for next year handy, so this will have to do). Some vets like Ben and Heath are in their prime and are having quite possibly the best years of their careers, so have nothing to fear. Some young vets like Woodley and Timmons just got their money a year ago, so they are safe as well. And at the bottoms of the list are the young-and-coming guys like Wallace, Brown, and Pouncey, who are looking for their own big paydays (or in the case of Brown, already got it). That leaves vets like Polamalu, Harrison, Hampton, Keisel, Taylor, Clark, Foote, Mendenhall, and Colon. All are over 30 except for Mendenhall. Some of their contracts are up at the end of the year anyway like Hampton, Foote, Mendenhall, and, of course, Wallace. So of the big money guys in the following list (from [URL][/URL]), who is the easiest to say "Hasta la vista" and who would be really difficult to replace? Go ahead and rank 'em, folks!