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    JPN for what it's worth, some now have Damontre Moore going in the top 5. has him at 3rd overall. With guys like Barkevious Mingo dropping Moore has been steady climbing the first round draft board. He is a real player. I see some Demarcus Ware in him.
    I have seen him jumping up the board too. If he goes up, someone will have to go down. Top 5 seems to me as a "potential" if a 4-3 team goes after him. I'm hoping he weighs-in in the high 230s - low 240's at the comine....Coming in great shape to help his times. Projecting him more in the OLB conversation would be step one. I believe we are around 12 teams in 2012 for 3-4. 5 look to be definite playoff teams. More of them making the playoffs would only help the cause. Of course A & M plays in a Bowl and Moore goes beast mode...He won't be part of the conversation for long.

    It is looking like a pretty good draft if you want a pass rusher in the 1st. I'm hoping my gut is right and he is one who falls because of his "tweener" status. He may drop in 4-3 teams eyes because he may not compete right away until he gets stronger & adds some bulk. He may be a situational in a 4-3 early. More than likely, his best shot would be at weakside DE in a 4-3 year one. Most of his snaps appear to be strongside right now. I also see him at weakside in a 3-4 and he may be able to get on the field early as a 3-4 OLB. We will see as the process begins. I'm hoping he starts getting the "weakside" tag associated with his name after combine weigh ins...That would help. I'm projecting him to ROLB.

    He is playing with his hand in the dirt this year but he has played standing up. I have been trying to get as many A & M games in as I can (any game with a pass rusher really). The reason why I'm paying attention to him is because he played 3-4 OLB & they still have him dropping into coverage even with his hand on the ground. He is still showing that aspect of standing up even though the moved him to DE. Your comparison of Ware is a perfect one. Sounds like it could be the same Story with Moore being inserted anywhere the name Ware appears. I don't think Moore will weigh-in at 260+ but Ware had that "tweener" tag. Many thought Jones lost his mind taking a 2nd rounder at 11 but I guess there was a time he knew who his guy was and nailed it. Give me at least until the combine to keep my hopes up!
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