Whatever side your on - Obama, Romney, someone else - it's becoming clear that we're giving away our freedom in America.

Congrat to Obama/Biden for winning the game. The Electoral College has essentially created a strategy game for the uber rich. If you don't have $2B (or to be fairer, influence of $2B) you are a slave to the system. We are nothing but a bunch of slaves/pawns in their game.

The game's quite brilliant if you look at it objectively. These uber rich guys have to pretend to care about you and me - a lie which is so hurtful in a sense that our only reasonable response is to put our head in the sand and pretend it isn't so. At the same time, they must paint a contrived truth about others in a way that we can openly believe it. The painting becomes their own self portrait masterpiece. That makes no sense and perfect sense simultaneously.

I've always been a little jealous of people that can lie to your face and con you into liking them in the same breath. I also feel bad because these guys are pawns in the system as well.

I guess it really can't be avoided. Every action a gov't takes essentially removes a personal freedom. It's a paradox of sorts. Every single vote, bill, idea, etc. that comes from the gov't enslaves us to the system and pulls us deeper into dependency that we'll never escape.

This stuff really has almost 0 impact on you or me. We can overcome any obstacle in our lifetimes. But the tiny little waves the gov't makes today will impact future generations in 50-100 years from now. We can be selfish and find happiness and a path that makes sense that keeps us content. We can live above this. But everything will come back to bite the future.

It's sad. Who cares? It matters. It doesn't. I can't make sense of something that's the most important thing in the world yet there's no rational reason to feel anything other than apathy.

The crux of the problem is that any action taken to fix the problems almost always leads to more complications. I'm starting to understand why all empires fall/fail eventually.

The only thing that makes sense is that things eventually just become too complex and you've gotta stop re-arranging the chairs on the Titanic. And you just have to start over fresh.

Anyone think we can get a do-over in our lifetime?