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As long as you are in the business of throwing injured Steeler legends to the curb when the team is successful with them on the sideline, should the Steelers have gotten rid of Terry Bradshow when the team went on a 6-0 roll in 1976 with Mike Kruczek when Bradshaw was hurt? That's about how silly a "F Troy. We are on a roll without him" sentiment sounds to me. You seriously prefer Will Allen to Troy Polamalu...seriously?
Your analogy is wet poop. Was Bradshaw constantly hurt and when he was did his unit get depressed and let down? Troy can't stay healthy, and up until now, the D gets all depressed when they see China doll limp off the field, according to Ryan Clark. Now they finally figured out how to perform well without him. If he comes back and INEVITABLY limps off the field again, they risk falling back into a depression again instead of playing as THE NUMBER ONE DEFENSE IN THE ENTIRE NFL. F Troy. I will say it again: F TROY. He can't stay healthy thus he is a detriment to the team. It's about the team, not one person. I have NEVER IN MY LIFE seen a "calf injury" last this long, or any where close to it. Calf injuries usually last a few weeks, not OVER A FREAKING YEAR.