Back? Back from where or is it back to where?

This has been an unusual season so far maybe a real quick summary will help answer the Q.

TS[the steelers] are sitting at 1-2 with some hard to explain losses. Fans are writing eulogy after eulogy etc. The Eagles come in and TS get back to 2-2. If you looked hard you might have thought there was a flash of a running game here. Mendy was back and Redman[could that quick speedy looking guy possibly be Isaac Redman? Must be he's wearing #33.]

TS are now 2-2 and many fans are breathing again. It's on to Tennessee and lets get this season going finally. But, it does not happen and another disappointing loss has TS at 2-3. More obits are forthcoming.
Then begins the reversal in form. In comes Washington TS win. But, a headscratcher since the Skins contributed a lot. Nonetheless, TS did stop cold a real hot QB. But back? Not really, making progress yes. Then, on to Cinci. Win rather easily. But, then again, TS always win there. Back a bit maybe. However, again some real positive bright spots. Are TS really finally after what seems like a zillion years actually learning how to run the ball? Sure looked like it. Hmm! 2 straight wins but a major test in NY coming up. Well, you saw it, but again how much did the extraneous conditions contribute? Nonetheless, possibly the best complete total team 4thQ in eons.

So, back? No! At least not If you mean by back a legit take it all type contender. TS must take care of business the next two weeks to qualify for that distinction. Because, you cannot sell Baltimore short. They are still plenty capable.

Eich summed it up pretty much in this post:

Eich said: "They've established an identity, a personality. It's become a team you can really get into.

Imagine how much fun it'll be around message boards if we punish KC and then take down the Rats !! That's what everyone is salivating for at this point in the season. Bring on the Rats!!!"

---But regardless, back or not back, all the progress by so many players in this recent stretch is sure making everyone smile.