Wally's the Star.

AB's got the big contract.

Manny Sanders is the afterthought. He was hurt. He's had a bad wheel. He's had some misfortune in his first couple of seasons while Wally and AB have been phenoms.

But when I watch these 3 WRs, I see 1 of them going all out every time I watch him. And it's not our superstar WRs, it's Manny. He seems to play with a chip on his shoulder with something to prove.

He reminds me of another WR we once had. Manny's the most dedicated blocking WR on our roster - he never takes a play off. Manny's a good route runner and often looks like a savvy vet the way he gets open on 3rd downs. He has a knack for finding a soft spot in a zone. He even reminded me of a certain other WR the way he floated along the back of the end zone against the Giants.

We talk alot about WR value as it relates to TDs. As the afterthought, Manny hasn't had enough chances yet to give us a legit comparison. But let's look at TD % per WR catches:

Wally - 13.8%
Heath - 10%
Manny - 6.8%
AB - 2.3%

It took Steelers fans a while to appreciate a certain other WR. Another guy went unnoticed for many years. But like Sanders, he kept working hard, he produced even when he wasn't touching the ball, he finally got his fair chance, and everyone realized that he was the best WR we had overall.

Manny is smaller that this other WR. But he's a little more athletic.

The thing that stands out about Manny is he goes all out even when he isn't touching the ball. That's unique for a WR. You just don't see it often. Guess the #3 guy has to work a little harder. It may pay dividends for us down the road.