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I don't think there is anyone who wants MW to leave or doesn't appreciate his speed. In fact we all love it! It's a matter of how much that speed will cost the team. Is it $5M a year speed, $8M a year speed, or 10M a year speed and for how many years? Legitimate questions. His speed is elite but overall; I don't think he is worth a double-digit in millions yearly salary.
Wallace has top dollar speed but he doesn't have top dollar receiving skills. Here is the problem:

1. Already $25-30M over the cap at end of season
2. Need to sign Wallace to probably a Top 10 WR contract.
3. Also need to sign or tender: Keenan Lewis, Max Starks, Rashard Mendenhall, Issac Redman, Manny Sanders, Ramon Foster, maybe even Dwyer, others?
4. Need to negotiate an extension for Maurkice Pouncey
5. May have to restructure and extend Colon to keep him.
5. Big new TV money doesn't help until 2014.

This is going to be an extremely tough job for the front office because they are going to have to release a number of players or get them to significantly restructure their contracts. No way they pay Harrison $8-9M next year. Same for Troy. Hampton and his $2+M will have to go. Foote should go, but we have no one to replace him. Kiesel will have to take a cut to stay (he will).