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Thread: Anti Steeler bias.....stop being ridiculous, you sound irrational

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    Quote Originally Posted by lloydroid View Post
    If you don't think that games are fixed on the level of certain officials, you are beyond naive. Anyone remember the Troy fumble return that would have made Pgh cover the spread vs. San Diego a few years ago? They inexplicably claimed he did not score a TD and it made SD cover, which was a $9 million switch in Vegas bets alone. SD did a backwards lateral, Troy picked it up and ran in the end zone but the refs simply said, "No TD" even though there was zero rational for that decision. It was as dirty as I have ever seen. If you don't realize the world is full of conspiracies, you just have no idea re: the truth of the world. I have to look no further than my home owners association to see conspiracies happen all over the place.
    As the only one to this point of the thread dismissive of conspiracies I could rightly believe that your point is directed at me. If not directed at me to whom?
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