[QUOTE=papillon;531663]Woodley and Troy don't hit like Harrison (IMO and I don't mean illegally), Harrison and Clark try to hit a player as hard as they possibly can. The new target that these guys have to try hit is miniscule and as soon as a receiver, RB or any other player see JH or RC coming they protect themselves (and rightfully so) which makes the target even smaller and nearly impossible to hit in a fashion that is acceptable to today's NFL.

Although the hit on Victor Cruz was clean, couldn't he be considered defenseless in that scenario? And, Clark let him have it and that isn't acceptable any longer. It was the power of the hit that caused the penalty, the referee didn't care whether it was helmet to helmet or not, it was too hard.

Too hard??? Is this the NFL, or the Lingerie Football League??

Its a contact sport!!

The NFL, with the help of Rog Goodell, have reduced the contact to unbelievable proportions..

I thought the rules for H-to-H were for "Intent to Injure"...not every "Football" play that may
involve a helmet grazing a facemask.

It's all BS, and just another way for the Refs to control a game for Goodell and what he wants the
outcome to be!!

The problem in the Giants v Steeeelers game, was that the Refs were so FREEKING OBVIOUS, they
messed up. Rog made a call to Ref Leavy to "Let'em Play", and the BS calls stopped!!

So believe what you want, but be sure of one thing...THE REFS CAN MAKE ANY CALL THEY WANT AT
ANYTIME AND GET AWAY WITH IT!!!! The refs aint ever getting FINED or SUSPENDED!!

This will undoubtedly be followed by WTF call was that, by every football fan out there, and what is a
fan to do??? Freaking, F-ing NOTHING!!!

Enjoy the rest of the season!!!