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Thread: Anti Steeler bias.....stop being ridiculous, you sound irrational

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    Anti Steeler bias.....stop being ridiculous, you sound irrational

    Were there bad calls? Yes. Did those calls largely favor the Giants? Yes.

    Were they because Goodell hates the Steelers? That is ridiculous.

    Take off the tin foil hats people while I give you some reality here.
    Does he tell the refs that they need to make bad calls against the Steelers? Really?
    There is not ONE SINGLE OFFICIAL WITH THE INTEGRITY TO CALL HIM ON IT? They just play along and say, "sure boss whatever you want"?
    They go through a HEATED NEGATION, and never expose his corrupt biased agenda? Reallly?

    Here is why CERTAIN Steelers get bad calls on occasion.

    Before the rule change, guys like Ward, Harrison, and Clark were the epitome of what Goodell wanted to change in the league.
    When looking at clips of what would no longer be legal likely they saw those players over and over again in what were then legal hits.
    Harrison and Clark also would not shut up in their opposition to the rule change, Harrison initially saying he was not going to change. The bulleye grew.

    Then I COULD see Harrison in particular being singled out by the league as being defiant, so the refs were overzealous in flagging him. Closes call were upheld because he was defiant and they wanted to force him to change. It has worked.

    Think about it. Why do those two tend to get the questionable calls? Where are the bad calls on Woodley? Troy?

    Clark got a bad call because of his rep, and the hit was hard. The ref thought it was illegal and screwed up. The mistake happens because every time the dude makes a big hit they almost expect that it might be illegal.

    Dont believe me? Still think it is anti-Steeler bias?

    Tell me truthfully. If that was TROY does that bad call happen?

    It aint ant- Steeler, but certain players reputation put them under greater scrutiny, which is not always fair.
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