Most of what I post is never serious. Please don't take it as so.

When I suggested a Fake FG in chat, I wasn't serious.

Please don't ever listen to me again Mr T.

I especially over exaggerate everything in chat. Chat is an instant gut over reaction. It's intense. I blurt out senseless stuff.

I don't drink, but I post in chat like I do. Sometimes when you take my advice, I think you're drinking during the game.

I realize I make it impossible to read what I'm really thinking because sometimes I'm serious and sometimes I'm not. And I don't differentiate the 2 very well because I'm not so good with written words.

If it sounds rational, take it as rational. Although sometimes my rational sounds irrational when it's very rational. And that's where it gets confusing.

Whatever, just stop reading my posts in chat, Mike Tomlin. It will ruin your coaching career.