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All season long, we've had Wallace, Brown, Sanders, and Cotchery, with Rainey as an alternate option if needed at WR. If Brown and Rainey can't go, I doubt we'd go with just Wallace, Sanders, and Cotchery at WR (considering how much of a passing league it is these days). If one of them gets hurt (and considering Sanders will also be handling KR and PR duties, that's a possibility), we'd only have 2 WR left. I'd think they'd have to promote Clemons or Gilreath up from the practice squad to the active roster, right?
That's why I brought it up. I would be very concerned with only three WRs going into the game. Likely Gilreath would get the promotion. I would also give Batch a crash course on at least returning Kickoffs to take some of the tasks off Sanders back. Didn't Gilreath get a look returning in the preseason?