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Thread: Run Game = Improved O-Line Play

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    Mendy not having a back to back 100yd game since 08 tells me everything I need to hear about him. He is fancy, he has nice dance steps but the defenses love tackling him for 4 quaters of a game.. Dwyer and Red, you can see they hate it in the 4th.. like they hated talking the bus in the 4th.
    Mendy's style on OUR team is best Served as a change of pace back.. The guy who can excel once the hammer has softened up the meat a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chadman View Post
    Hate to admit it, but Gilbert is being outplayed by Adams.

    Still have faith in Gilbert though- he was good last season. Not a bad spot to be in if DeCastro & Gilbert are not certainties to step in next season..

    Gilbert belongs on his better side, the Left side. Oh, wait, that's Ben's blind side.


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