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This is it and for those of you who remember my rants over the past few seasons, it's that evolution in LeBeau's play-calling, which has made the difference. Ike Taylor's hands are still way to sticky for me, but he and Lewis have been jamming guys and staying with them.

We've also gotten a lot of consistent pressure (without the sacks) and our run defense has been stouty lately.

Great job in all phases of the game and way to overcome adversity!!!!

I wanted to add the word discipline.

Not only good coverage in man and zone, but good gap integrity, good tackling, and no break-downs.
I like this post very much. I agree. Further, I'd say there are lots of things this defense can improve on. Ziggy Hood is still on roller skates out there. Teams love to run right at him and he cannot hold the point. He should improve or share more snaps with McClendon (yes he can play DE), Heyward, or even Woods (if he is active). We can still get a lot more pressure on the QB. Stop playing Ziggy in the nickel. He is not a good pass rusher. Get Heyward or McClendon in there. Our pass rush and QB pressure is improving, but we can be much better (which is scary).