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Thread: How do you thoroughly dominate and only win by 4 points????

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    Count me in as another stupid board member just giddy about this W baby!
    Sorry Mr SteelAblity for your fowl mood but I must be way too dumb to feel your pain.

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    I wondered how the board would spin this win in a negative light and I have to admit, I didn't expect this to be the way. Count me as dumber than a box of rocks, but ecstatic about a road victory and keeping the Ravens in sight in the division.


    The referee said that you hit Brian Sipe too hard. Did you hit him too hard?
    I hit him as hard as I could - Jack Lambert

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    Quote Originally Posted by papillon View Post
    I wondered how the board would spin this win in a negative light and I have to admit, I didn't expect this to be the way. Count me as dumber than a box of rocks, but ecstatic about a road victory and keeping the Ravens in sight in the division.

    Not the board Pappy, one poster. There is a big difference.

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    Bad calls could have affected the outcome of this game...but, the Steelers would not let that happen...however, it did make the score a lot closer that it probably should have been...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
    On a day where the Steelers stopped the Giants 4 game winning streak, held Manning to 125 yards passing (one of the worst games of his career), came back from being down by 10, held the Giants twice in the 4th Q when needed, overcame numerous bad calls and it was all on a day where they had to travel the same day as the game and you're mad? You know who gets mad at today's game? A real a$$hole, that's who.
    I'm on the side of folks who are ecstatic about the win with every possible extenuating circumstance working against the team, but they came through in the end and truly earned the win and absolutely deserved every ounce of that victory. But just because I can't understand how such a performance that made me so happy could elicit the opposite reaction from another Steeler fan doesn't make it okay for me to call him an a$$hole on the board. That's a no-no, Ghost. You know that.

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    Man just think a few weeks ago I thought we didn't deserve to be in the same league with these guys with the way we were playing.. We ALL thought we needed Ben to score 40 plus to carry our team to A victory over a high powered team.
    Yesterday we beat a team playing Steeler football, Hitting hard, tackling well and yes pounding the Rock (on the Road mind you). How in the world can there be anything to be mad at with this game.. We just won a Road game.. The Ravens coming up twice doesn't look so dang on scary now..

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelAbility View Post
    Sheesh! This stuff has to get eliminated in the playoffs.

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    Regardless of tongue-in-cheek from SteelAbility, we have heard these complaints on the board before. Why don't the Steelers dominate given their TOP and talent on offense.
    I have watched a lot of NFL games this season and people don't realize how many of these games come down to one possession in the last half of the 4th quarter. Been trying to locate some stats on average winning margin this season compared with previous but haven't come across any. I would not be surprised if the average win margin is down on average from past seasons.

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    That hit was necessary,because after that hit cruz was scared to catch anymore passes over the middle.

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    Steelers defensive performance reminiscent of seasons past

    By Alan Robinson
    Published: Tuesday, November 6, 2012

    Steelers cornerback Keenan Lewis breaks up a first-quarter pass intended for the Giants' Hakeem Nicks on Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012, at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.

    Steelers defense yards per game averages since 2005:

    2008 — 237.2 *

    2012 — 262.6 *

    2007 — 266.4 *

    2011 — 271.8 *

    2010 — 276.8

    2005 — 284.0

    2006 — 300.3

    2009 — 305.3

    * Leads NFL

    This is the Steelers defense everyone expects, yet it isn’t.

    The Steelers are No. 1 overall and tops against the pass, No. 7 against the run and No. 9 in fewest points allowed — familiar territory for a defense that has led the NFL three of the past five seasons. But to James Harrison, this defense has a different feel.

    The stars aren’t the stars any longer, partly due to injuries to Harrison and the still-sidelined Troy Polamalu. The schematics are changing on a weekly basis because of the rapid evolution in the passing game. Defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau has never needed to be more creative or constantly adaptive.

    Still, the Super Bowl champion Giants couldn’t net a single positive yard in the fourth quarter Sunday and managed only 182 yards in all. It was the second time in three games a Steelers opponent was kept below 190 yards, something the rest of the NFL’s other 31 defenses have done only seven times.

    “I don’t think we’re at that (previous) level — this (Giants) game was one situation where we were able to come through and do that, but we still have a long road to go to get to where we want to be with our alignment, our assignment keys and so forth,” Harrison said. “We’re taking steps in the right direction, but we still made a lot of mistakes and left plays out there we could have made.”

    The sacks (14) and takeaways aren’t there yet halfway into the season, yet the Steelers (5-3) are better statistically than they were a season ago.

    “I just think that we’re growing and doing it better,” coach Mike Tomlin said Tuesday. “We’re not doing anything differently. We’ve had some young guys playing situational football, like (nickel back) Cortez Allen, and he’s starting to play a lot better now. So there’s nothing different schematically, but the packages are bigger now than they were earlier in the year.”

    One difference maker is outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley, who forced a fumble and had two quarterback hurries in the fourth quarter alone as the Steelers rallied from 10 points down to beat the Giants, 24-20, their biggest win in more than a year. Only a few weeks ago, a finding-its-way defense couldn’t get off the field in the fourth quarter while losing leads to the Broncos, Raiders and Titans.

    “I don’t think we ever went away, truth be told,” Woodley said. “We’re all just doing what we are supposed to do. We’re just playing like the Steelers play football. We’re just happy to get some things together.”

    Woodley has been bothered by a troublesome hamstring injury but is ranked as the league’s No. 3 outside linebacker performance-wise, ahead of Clay Matthews.

    Cornerback Keenan Lewis, who has significantly upgraded his play despite being called twice Sunday for pass interference, allowed one catch for 10 yards while being targeted five times.

    “The arrow’s been pointing up with Keenan,” Tomlin said. “He’s been consistently challenging and competing on just about every throw. … He’s a big reason why we’ve been hot in the back end in recent weeks.”

    Ryan Clark, arguably the Steelers’ defensive MVP to date, grades out as one of the NFL’s highest-ranked defensive backs, even as he and Will Allen — subbing for Polamalu — alternate between free and strong safety.

    Despite minimal production from the defensive line — Ziggy Hood, for instance, has seven tackles on 149 snaps — the defense is playing with visibly more confidence than before.

    “I think Larry Foote said it best: ‘This team looks kind of familiar,’ ” Ike Taylor said on TribLive Radio. “It’s a no-nonsense offense and defense, the way we’re closing games out, and we’re finally getting off the field on third down. You’re finally seeing that physical style of play.”



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