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Thread: this game is fixed, and they aren't even trying to hide it

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    Quote Originally Posted by bostonsteeler View Post
    Note that Clark not only hits with his shoulder -- the ball is also still very much in play. The referee ought to be fined and fired.
    Totally agree. If they are going to fine/suspend players for bad acts, there is no reason that the refs shouldn't also be fined/suspended when they screw up this bad. Fair is fair. It angers me to the highest degree. If they keep going this route, I WILL stop watching and supporting the NFL.

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    Maybe it has not yet turned into the WWE but its sickening how poorly the game was judged. You can not deny the human element with the emotion of the hometeam's saga of the hurricane and commish making an appearance.
    With the fan's reaction to the hit on Cruz and the way he dropped caused the ref to have the itchy finger.


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