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Thread: Clark penalty....

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    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz View Post
    I know... just responding to Mr unhappy that the ball didn't clearly hit the ground before the hit.
    I know, I was just agreeing with you disagreeing with Mr unhappy...

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    I think the replacement refs did a better job...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelAbility View Post
    Clark saw the ball right in front of him hit the ground. The ball never even touched the receiver. The ball hit the ground well before Clark contacted Cruz.
    I really hate this argument. It's also already been addressed but I'm going to address it again. First and foremost when you saw the ball on the ground before the hit it was in slow mo. (already mentioned) Secondly when people say stuff like this it indicates one thing, you likely didn't play an organized contact sport. He didn't hit him low, he didn't him him super high. He hit him in text book fashion. What i someone supposed to do pull up in an effort to prevent the hit (a situation where clark stands a chance of getting hurt himself)? Should he have dove wildly on the ground to the right or the left? We don't exist in the matrix. The hit was going to happen no matter what.


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