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What if Troy/James are healthy? I'm not buying these guys are easy cuts. Besides Ben, these are our 2 best players if healthy. 1 more year out of either of them could be a chance at 1 more SuperBowl.

With the cap problems we may run into, we better win this year's SuperBowl
James Harrison and Polamalu aren't going to be cut. I agree. I see both taking less money if it really did come down to financials and they still wanted to continue playing. Harrison from what I understand still isn't back to 100% strength. We also need to acknowledge that both players are in vastly different situations than say a Hines Ward or James Farrior. There isn't someone waiting in the wings for playing time. The Steelers drafted Spence and still had Foote with James and with Troy it's Mundy and Will Allen. Allen has been a pleasant surprise but he's no Troy replacement. Let's just hope they both can get healthy and we can really see what either have left. You have to think Harrison is getting close, no clue with Troy.