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What about Lewis makes you think he was ready earlier? He was an absolute mess as a rookie (fellow rookie CB Joe Burnett was better back then, and he's playing Canadian football now). In year 2, he showed some promise in camp and the first couple of preseason games, but then had a complete physical, mental, and emotional breakdown in Denver that showed that he still wasn't ready to be a regular contributor to the defense (but the team saw enough potential in him the he was worth keeping around, even if he wasn't contribute much at all on defense). In year 3, he progressed to the point that he was a solid 3rd corner for us. In year 4, he progressed to the point that he is a solid starter. I have no problem whatsoever with this career arc. Certainly better than throwing him into the fire prematurely and destroying his confidence because he is playing before he is ready.
I think you misinterpreted my post. I wasn't saying that we should throw him to the wolves when he's not ready to play. I'm just saying that I wish he was ready to play at a high level earlier instead of the season before he becomes an UFA. I wish we could leverage that cheap rookie contract a bit more before having to shell out bigger bucks.