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If you are talking about me, I don't take back anything I've said. He still has A LOT to prove to me, because I have high expectations for him. I've been a big supporter of him, and was very disappointed in the way he (and Dwyer) neglect to seize playing opportunities. The biggest thing to me is the lack of urgency these two have shown, as if starting RB opportunities grow on trees. As someone who thought/thinks he has the capabality to be a 1,000-yard rusher, I don't like to see him ask out of games when he is tired, dinged, etc. when he has so much to prove, as a young back. (The same goes for Dwyer, who took the week off because he got a charlie horse. This could've been him we were talking about, rolling up three straight 100-yard games and people starting to mention him for a big future contract.)

I'm happy to see his game this past week, but I don't step back from anything I said.
Nor should you, since you clearly have such a great handle on what it is like to play in the NFL...