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IR (strange, those are his initials) is no where near the back of JD. He doesn't have the ability to break plays long like JD. He is slow.
And neither have shown the heart and toughness to be anything more than a backup.

I swear, I'm so sick of these two pussies sitting out every time they ache. Hey idiots! It's FOOTBALL. If you think you have to be 100% to play NFL football, just turn in your f'n playbook and GTFO. Dwyer is BALLING, and he gets a f'n CHARLIE HORSE (which I'm guessing is what it is), and he SHUTS IT DOWN. F'n Terrell Suggs tore his ACHILLES, and says "Let me try it out in Week 8". Emmitt Smith separates his shoulder in the freezing cold on the hard Meadowlands turf, and he says "Tape me up".

These two f'n pussies get a hangnail, and race each other to the trainer.