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Thread: Steelers Traveling On Game Day

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    Being friar Tuck called out our entire OL by saying they 'hold' all the time and don't get called for it, this contest is shaping up to be a good one.
    "Let's see...who do we play next Sunday?"

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    We all know the NFL wants a Manning vs. Manning SB so why fight it?
    "Let's see...who do we play next Sunday?"

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    I live on the East Coast and just got my power back so I'm not surprised the Steelers are having hotel issues. But you would think the NFL would make other arrangements. Play the game in D.C., or some nearby college that wasn't affected. Having a team travel on game day is crazy.

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    Rachel Nichols (@Rachel__Nichols)

    Posted Friday 2nd November 2012 from Twitlonger

    Class by the @Steelers brass: Spoke to a team official about Steelers flying in 5 hrs before Sunday game vs Giants, as first reported by @EdBouchette. Official said once hotel they'd planned to stay at Saturday closed due to power loss, "we decided we just didn't feel right about asking employees at [the open] hotels to start making a bunch of extra efforts to accommodate us, when so many of them are having issues themselves. There are a lot of very difficult things going on for a lot of people in that area; us having to fly in and out on the same day as a football game is no hardship in comparison."

    For those who haven't seen the details, large groups of homes around the Meadowlands are still without electricity or heat. The area is now also dealing with gas shortages; cars were waiting up to 3-4 hours in gas lines.


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    Will Late Arrival Hurt Steelers?

    Nov 1st, 2012by Craig Gottschalk

    Teams traveling to the away stadium in the NFL are, by rule, supposed to arrive at least the day prior to the game This Sunday the Steelers will be showing up just mere hours before game time. The Steelers were meant to stay at a hotel in Jersey the night prior and then head to MetLife Stadium. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, many parts of New Jersey and NYC are just devastated. The team has decided, and subsequently granted by the NFL, to not burden those who are trying to recover from the hurricane and spend the night in the ‘Burgh before heading to Jersey. The Steelers will arrive in time to have a pre-game meal and then off to warmups at MetLife.

    Certainly a good will move by the Steelers and the NFL by allowing them to remain in Pittsburgh only mere hours before kickoff. However, will this hurt the team in any way – whether it be physical, mental or emotional preparedness?


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    I not as concerned about this as some people are. The players will sleep in familiar surroundings in an area where there was minimal impact from the hurricane. As it has been said, the flight to NY is short. There won't be time for players to get drowsy or too cramped from sitting. The players from NY might have a greater impact living in conditions where power outages are rampant and Sandy created havoc.

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    Steelers don't have a chance against Giants

    Giants winning makes a good headline...a fairy tale ending. Goodell will make sure Steelers don't win this game.
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    I dont think you can get Jet-Lag on a 20 minute ride....I could be wrong
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    I was kinda hoping a game of flashlight tag in NY/NJ might be what this team needed to come together and head on to win Lombardi #7.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grotonsteel View Post
    Steelers don't have a chance against Giants

    Giants winning makes a good headline...a fairy tale ending. Goodell will make sure Steelers don't win this game.
    Nah, I don't feel that way, like I have in the past, when something effects another teams city...

    I mean, I could be wrong, but the Giants have gotten some lucky wins in the last 2-weeks, and it's time
    for their luck to run out...

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