Powerhouses Collide at MetLife[/URL]

Why this game is intriguing: Two of the NFL's marquee teams. Two of the game's most entertaining quarterbacks. Who cares if it's an inter-conference game? There is so much intrigue in so many places. How will these suddenly run-happy [URL=""]Pittsburgh Steelers[/URL] and bulldozing back [URL=""]Jonathan Dwyer[/URL] go after a [URL=""]New York Giants[/URL] team that just [URL=""]held the Dallas Cowboys to 19 yards on the ground[/URL]? How will the [URL=""]Giants[/URL]' fierce front four attempt to bring down [URL=""]Ben Roethlisberger[/URL], who is almost as big as his pass-rushing counterparts? Is a well-rounded [URL=""]Steelers[/URL] receiving corps featuring explosive weapons [URL=""]Mike Wallace[/URL] and [URL=""]Antonio Brown[/URL] primed to decimate a [URL=""]Giants[/URL] secondary that allowed [URL=""]Tony Romo[/URL] to throw for 437 yards? It's a fascinating matchup -- one that'll keep me glued to the TV.