I was watching Fats being interviewed one time and I can't remember if it was sports annoucers interviewing him or Johnny Carson or what but, they were asking him about his acting career that he was getting involved with. It was shows like Barnaby Jones and or maybe some B movies. They showed some scenes from one of his films/tv show and naturally Holmes was the bad guy. It showed Holmes as a mobster type tough guy that was getting roughed up by the good guy in a fight. They asked him about the one fight scene and Fats said, " see, that's real acting there with me getting my butt kicked. You know in real life I can kick all those guys butts. "

I 'm not sure many people realize just how good Fats was. I remember Noll said of him one time, " Holmes is the first player that I ever seen play his position mistake free and have the perfect game. " I suppose he meant just one game but it is my opinion, if Noll gives you a compliment, it must be the truth and the highest of praise.