Let's assume he ends up playing some and showing his usual flashes (some good, some bad, some will find him above average, others will not). I find it unlikely (I hope) that Pgh re-signs the guy. That being said, who is likely to sign him?

1. Cinci. Mike Browns always longs for our left overs. Jarvis Green is OK, but not quite enough to take them to the promised land, in my opinion. (He has rushed for 431, 3.4 avg.) I could easily see them signing him and I wouldn't be that worried about it.

2. AZ. They are Pgh west after all, and are 31st in rushing. They desperately need help at RB. They can keep taking our leftovers.

3. Detroit. They keep blowing through back after back; this one has concussions all the time, the other is banged up forever. They need a steady back. Might be a decent fit.

4. Jets. They have Greene and he isn't a full-time, big time back. They need someone else.

5. Colts. They have a bunch of 2nd-teir type guys. Need more talent there.

There you have it.