1. The Steelers are within one game of the division lead (or more appropriately, owning a share of it seeing as they are losing every tie-breaker at the moment).

2. This was as complete a game as the Steelers have played this year. It was the absence of this type of game to this point in the season that led to my parting thought last week: this team had nothing more to show us. Apparently I was wrong. At least I am performing a valuable function in life.

3. Why did the Steelers win this game? If you had to pick one thing, one difference between this game and all the others this year, what was the defining factor in this team all of a sudden looking competent for 60 minutes?

4. According to this (http://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/stat/penalties-per-game) the Steelers are 25th in the league for fewest penalties. Notice that the team that is #1 in fewest penalties is also undefeated and the team that is 2nd is the Steelers next opponent.

5. I’ve always liked the Redskins. It’s hard to not like a team who proudly promotes “hating the Cowboys” as part of their core beliefs.

Well, duh …

6. For the first time this year the Steelers have a “winning streak” of more than one game.

7. For the first time this year the Steelers are above .500.

8. I guess the point is that we need to decide whether we are seeing flashes of brilliance and great things to come or the blind nut is finding the squirrel and this team will turn back into a penalty machine against the Giants or any team with a reasonable defense. The Redskins are probably the only team in the NFL whose secondary looks up to Ike Taylor.

9. I am kind of bagging on this victory aren’t I?

This is how the magic happens @ Redundantman Studios – but with fewer women of course …

10. Much is being made of the idea that this offense is a “dink and dunk” offense. Clearly the offense has changed under Haley. This week was the first time it appeared consistent and effective.

11. The other obvious wildcard was the Redskins inability to catch a pass. If only there was a convenient joke that would allow me to tie in Halloween candy and the Redskins receivers “slippery” hands, as it were.

12. Dwyer is an intriguing development. It was my understanding that the Redskins have a respected front 7 on their defense. There are always extenuating circumstances when evaluating individual performance in team sports but, suffice to say, I am glad to see him get more carries in the coming games.

13. Yeah, yeah, Deangelo Hall blah blah blah … Look, Hall isn’t sneaking up on anyone. His antics are hardly worth a mention.

14. Great defense or bad receivers?

... or big truck?

15. I’d be willing to bet that the average Steeler fan feels much better about their team’s 4-3 than the average Ravens fan feels about their 5-2. Based on the most myopic of perspectives, the two heavyweights of the AFC North appear to be headed in opposite directions.

16. Perspective: Sorry guys, I can’t get past the idea that we are treading water until about 8 PM EST on December 2nd. At that point we will know the mettle of this team. By that point the offense will either settle down or it won’t. By that point the Steelers should have some injured players back or they won’t. And I’d think the Steelers would do well to adopt a bit of that mindset. Keep it simple, win the division.