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Thread: Report: Mike Wallace likely done in Pittsburgh

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    It all gets down to does Mike Wallace deserve more than $2.7M? Answer is Yes.

    Did Mike Wallace have a chance to get significantly more than the $2.7M he is playing for? Answer is Yes.

    Who prevented Mike Wallace from getting much, much more? Answer is Mike Wallace.

    All this talk about what a bargain Wallace is is moot because Mike Wallace chose to be a bargain. He is not being exploited, he is playing for the what he decided to play for. He knew that behind Door #1 there was a contract reported to average $9M per year for multiple years and behind Door #2 there was a contract for $2.7M for one year. Mike Wallace himself chose Door #2. No coercion, no threats, his choice.

    Some want to feel sorry for him like he doing us all a favor by playing as well as he does, but life is full of choices and Wallace made the wrong one.
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    1.25 DT Vernon Butler, La Tech, 6’4” 323
    2.58 CB Artie Burns, Miami, 5’11” 189
    3.89 OLB, Alex McCalister, Florida, 6’6” 240-Jarvis Jones’ replacement
    4.123 S Jayron Kearse, Clemson, 6’4 216-hybrid type we could use in 3-3-5 defense
    6.220 OT Stephane Nembot, 6’7” 322-raw talent with ton of upside
    7.229 CB Brian Poole, Florida, 5’10” 210
    7.246 WR/KR Ed Eagan, Northwestern State, 5’ 10” 185-need WR depth and returner


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