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Thread: What did you enjoy most about yesterday?

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    1. Dwyer was my favorite. Seeing him from the endzone was a treat. He really goes down low to deliver a blow when he's about to get tackled. He's a violent runner.

    2. How bout our trio of TD receivers - Pope, Miller, Johnson. BA wishes he could have gotten that creative in the RZ.

    3. I'll be anxiously awaiting the fine of DeAngelo Hall. Anyone know what really happened there? He seemed to get mixed up with Sanders from what I could see and then went after the official for some reason. Then one of his teammates came in and pushed the official and they threw him out of the game. I thought #26 was going to get thrown out for running into the official.

    4. RG3 does a great job handing off and creating confusion. It was hard to follow the ball a number of time. He's got an identical motion when he keeps it or when he hands it off. RG3 was pretty accurate and had a lot of balls hit guys in the hands. And when he went out for a pass and got called for PI, he was flying. I was shocked Ike didn't get called for PI. I didn't watch the broadcast yet, but it was right in front of us and you could tell Ike had no idea where the ball was and just ran into RG3. That call helped us out.

    5. I couldn't see the hold on the PR by Brown. It looked like Brown was past everyone before the hold could have occurred. Again, I need to see the replay.
    How many flags have ruined a TD return by Brown in the pre-season and season? It seems like every other game. At some point, could we actually benefit from one of his returns some day? And you are right: RG3 is smooth with his ball handling and he is accurate, not to mention, he's not an immature punk. That dude is going to make his mark in the league.

    And yes, JD runs with violence. That's one reason why I was excited about him; he is kind of the polar opposite of SpinderHall.
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