Yea...I love um, but I try not to get my hopes up also. This team has put a SB or bust mentality on my head each year.
Sunday was a good game, don't get me wrong. My favorite part was when we stopped them on 3rd and 1 on first series. I was like yes, Def of old is back! Then I started seeing same old stuff. Open receivers, bad play from our Def line and no qb pressure. All this to a lessoned degree though which was enouraging. Also encouraging is to know we played decent D without Polamalu.
I just think we need better play from our D-Line, some turnovers would be nice and a sack or two. 1 sack in the past 2 games and I believe 1 turnover??? This will have to change to make a dent in the playoffs this year. I have seen Hampton, Keisel and Heyward make 2-3 plays combined. Hood maybe 3 total. That with no int for DB'S is a reoccuring theme. Thoughts?