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Thread: I thought ol' Wicker Basket was hopelessly senile and should have retired years ago?

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    Quote Originally Posted by virgilbosetti View Post
    I think it was 8 drops and they shouldn't be discounted. One was a for sure TD, not would have been a TD but it was defended prior to finding the hands of the intended target. Wouldn't even count that one. Some others were for first downs and or drive killers.
    Drops happen. Ask Baron Batch or Mike Wallace.

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    Sure they do....and they can be big.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoe View Post
    1) Ike Thomas sucks in man and zone. Sucks is harsh, but don't get it twisted. In the case of AJ Green, it is inexplicable why he didn't get fed the ball two weeks ago. Ike Thomas' coverage had very little to do with it.

    2) "Ten drops" by the Redskins is being dramatic. Of course, I watched the game like you all. At least one of the drops was tipped before it got to the WR. It wasn't TEN drops.
    Ike Thomas?

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    J. T. Thomas?

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    dick lebeau is a great defensive coordinator. no doubt about it. my issues have been the fact that over the last few years, we're good at keeping opponents points low - but not good at stopping them in the 4th quarter. while the last 2 games have been refreshing, i'm still struggling to see how we made horrible teams like oakland and tennessee look like the GB packers offense. i don't think we outsmart opponents as much as we used to, it seems the zone blitz has been around long enough the league has adapted enough to reduce it's impact. i think the younger guys haven't stepped up as much as we had hoped and we (overall) are not as physically dominating as we've been in years past. it's not one thing. it's not DL. it's not the age. it's not the scheme. it's all things in combination that have resulted in just a little bit 'less' overall. that little bit has caused us to lose two on the last play of the game.

    we've got some big tests yet ahead. let's wait and get past the rats before we declare all things solved. the rats built an offense specifically to beat our zone blitz. it sure worked well on flacco's last drive last year and that made all the difference in the playoffs. i've been frustrated by the uneven play this year but i didn't declare the season over after the first 3 games and i'm not going to declare playoffs after beating the bungles and a rookie.

    time will tell, as always.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starlifter View Post
    wicker basket lebeau is a great defensive coordinator.

    there, I fixed it for you...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
    This is a bit disingenuous without mentioning 10 dropped balls, ALL of them catchable. Even if we only add 7 out of 10 it bumps that up to 68%, right near his average. That wasn't the Steelers "holding" them. Guys were consistently wide open all over the field yesterday. They did do an excellent job of containing him in the run.

    Love getting the W any way you can but lets not go heaping a ton of praise where it doesn't belong. The Steelers were very lucky the Skins' WRs acted as if the balls were dipped in grease.
    The Skins make a few of those catches, and we'd have another "LeBeau must go" thread going on this board.

    Let's see how we fare the next couple of games before we pronounce this D as being "back."

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    Talking about the drops as to why the defense played well is like eliminating the 45 yard run from a running back and using only the other carriers to prove a back didn't really have a good game. Drops, unforced or otherwise are part of an entire game and are what they are. Did the defense cause them? Maybe Were some just bad plays? Yes Did the Steelers make any bad plays? Yes, an unnecessary block in the back took 7 points off the board. It's a game played for 60 minutes and things will happen, some good and some bad, the defense played well, trying to turn it into something it isn't foolish, IMO.

    Should've, could've and would've can change the outcome of every game, but the reality is that none of it happened. Enjoy the win and hope for another great effort this weekend against the Giants.

    Oh, and to stay on topic, D1ck Lebeau has forgotten more about coaching a defense in the NFL than anyone on this board knows, just sayin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by papillon View Post
    D1ck Lebeau has forgotten more about coaching a defense in the NFL than anyone on this board knows, just sayin.

    Who cares about us knuckleheads? It's opposing coaches I'm more concerned about vs DL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by papillon View Post
    Oh, and to stay on topic, D1ck Lebeau has forgotten more about coaching a defense in the NFL than anyone on this board knows, just sayin.


    No doubt you are right, but how do you know he hasn't forgotten all the good stuff that works? Like how to hold onto a 4th Quarter lead! Like how to be aggressive and generate sacks and turnovers! You typically don't get to pick and choose what you forget!


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