I don't hear anyone talking about sending our defensive coordinator to the nursing home after his defense, in back-to-back games, held a top notch weapon like A.J. Green to 1 catch (his per game average prior to playing us was 7 catches for 104 yards and a TD) and then shut down a multi-dimensional talent like RGIII (his completion percentage was over 70% coming into this game, but we held him to 47% yesterday...he also had 64 rushes for 468 yards and 6 rushing TD's coming in to this game, but we held him to 6 rushes for 8 yards and 0 TD's). He certainly didn't adjust his scheme to accommodate for the these uniquely skilled players one bit, because we know he is stubborn and incapable of changing a single thing about his beloved defense since he cannot possibly ever admit that his baby is ugly. Props to the old man who was born a mere 3 years after our team originally wore those bumblebee unis.