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Thread: Ex-Steeler Cedric Wilson Indicted

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    Ex-Steeler Cedric Wilson Indicted

    Ex-NFL player Cedrick Wilson indicted for test-taking fraud

    Posted by Michael David Smith on October 30, 2012, 5:17 PM EDT
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    Former 49ers and Steelers receiver Cedrick Wilson has been indicted on fraud charges for paying someone to take a teacher-certification test for him.

    The Memphis Commercial Appeal reports that Wilson wanted to become a high school teacher and coach in Memphis, but according to prosecutors, Wilson didnít take the standardized test that teachers are required to take in Tennessee. Instead, [URL=""]Wilson hired someone to take the test for him[/URL].

    Wilson has been [URL=""]charged with wire fraud and Social Security fraud[/URL]. Prosecutors say Wilson gave the test-taker his Social Security number as part of the plan for the test-taker to pose as Wilson.

    The person hired by Wilson to take the test was part of a large standardized test cheating ring. Four people have already pleaded guilty to involvement in the cheating ring, and Wilson is one of 14 others who have been indicted.

    A sixth-round draft pick out of Tennessee in 2001, Wilson played for the 49ers for four years and then signed with the Steelers in 2005 and played three years in Pittsburgh. In his best season, 2004, Wilson had 47 catches for 641 yards and three touchdowns.

    The Steelers cut Wilson in March of 2008, just hours after he was accused of assaulting his girlfriend in a Pittsburgh restaurant.

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    Dang. By all accounts, one of the great workout warriors of all time, and now look what he's come to.

    Biggest question is, where's his cousin gonna post now?


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