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    Five out of the first eight games on the road?

    All five road games nationally televised (three in prime time)?

    Now that's some adversity...when you consider that two of the three road losses could have easily been wins...and that the Steelers were within striking distance in the Broncos game until about 2:00 left in the 4th...the team has come through a brutal first half of the year at 5-3...

    Next comes two consecutive home games in prime of those games with the Ravens, whom we will play a mere two weeks afterward...

    A Cleveland away game is sandwiched between our two Ravens games...while the Ravens have a trip all the way to the West coast...

    The schedule is favorable for the Steelers...over the next month is the time for the Steelers to take advantage of the schedule and move ahead of the Ravens...

    Here we go!!

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    Hopefully, they have been able to see what they are made of in the first half of the season and will be prepared to make their move.

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    No offense, and just my 2c - but IMO nothing is real except for the 60 minutes on the field - not the schedule, not the spread, not the injury report, nothing but execution.

    Losing to the Rayduhs and Titians convinced me of that.

    Actually, as did beating the Giants in NY.

    It's nice to be thinking playoffs as the 2nd half of the season starts!

    We got our "6-PACK" - time to work on a CASE!


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    We are currently 5-3. What are the predictions on how we finsh after the next 8 games? Here are our opponents and my predictions:

    Chiefs--W (I bet Haley wants this one real bad and he won't hesitate to run up the score a little bit)
    (This will be a must win for the Ravens. if they lose their play off chances take a serious hit)
    Chargers--W (Could be a trap game for us if we aren't careful but by this time Chargers should be unravelling)
    @Cowboys--L (Just because we wouldn't have lost a game we should win in awhile and this will be the Cowboy's Super Bowl as it becomes clear they will miss play offs)

    I think we end up 11-5 and we will win the AFC North because the Ravens will be at least one game worse at 10-6 or even 9-7.
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