Are sacked less frequently than Ben.

Eli - 6
Fitzpatrick - 8
Schaub - 8
Peyton - 10
Freeman - 11
Palmer - 12
Ben - 13

And there's a couple others that have played every game that are tied with Ben.

Couple interesting things here:

1. Ben's sacks came in the first few games, but over his last 4 he's averaging 1 sack per game.

2. Most of the guys with less sacks than Ben are immobile statues in the pocket while Ben is often taking lots of contact before throwing the ball.

Haley's impact is becoming clear. Take pressure of Ben and the OLine on 1st and 2nd down. And let Ben be Ben on 3rd down. It keeps Ben fresher for 3rd down. It makes 3rd down more manageable. That's leading us to control the ball longer as we convert more of these 3rd downs.

If we can just start scoring TDs, this offense will be golden and able to carry us.

Reign in the Defense and Penalties and we can be a SuperBowl contender down the line.

This team is definitely not peaking early, but we're slowly seeing some positive signs.