I'm going to say it. The Steelers have become an offensive team. We are no longer counting on our defense to save our bacon. We have to count on the offense ... and I think they can handle the pressure.

I have to say I love the way Haley has us controlling the ball and methodically moving down the field. We seem to get better at it week after week and I think Ben is really starting to have fun running it. It was great to see them score touchdowns this week instead of FG after FG. The offensive line looks like it is starting to come together ... putting together two good weeks in a row. Dwyer is turning into the back people thought he was going to be when he was drafted. When Mendy and Redman both get healthy we are going to be deep in that position. We are already deep in the receiver position.

Now on to the defense. It's becoming painfully obvious that we are lacking some talent on defense. Sure they made some plays today, actually made quite a few against a really good QB, but if the Deadskin receivers learn how to hold on to the ball this is a different game. I also think our offense controlling the ball for long stretches took away any rhythm the skins tried to get into. The skins gouged the defense for big chunks at a time in the run game. They would have in the passing game except for the dropped passes.

None of this is to say that our defense is horrible. I'm just saying that we can't count on them to carry the load like we used to. We are counting on the offense to do that now. How does that feel Steeler Nation? To me it's kind of weird.