My first game was in 1978 I believe it was a night game, against the Rams in the Coliseum. I was 11 and I played for a youth team of the Steelers. I wore my #75 jersey and we were sitting in the end zone of the Steeler warm ups. My dad took my 1 sister and me. I yelled down to Joe Greene and pointed to my jersey he looked up and gave a thumbs up. Kinda cool to an 11 year old. The next season my uncle from Pittsburgh got a hold of about 12 tickets to the Super Bowl against the Rams. I have a few relatives that have season tickets to Heinz, in fact my uncles grandson now has the rights to the tickets first bought in 1934 I believe. I went to many games in the 80s and 90s against the Rams since I am in so cal. In 2009 I went to Heinz with a friend from here using some season tickets of some 2nd cousins. Went hoping for a cold day and what I got was a 60+ day in November. They were playing the Bengals, we lost in a offensive offense day. But my friend and I had a good time tailgating and checking out the stadium. Last year I took some money from my parents trust and bought tickets for the Cardinal game in Arizona. I bought 9 tickets so my sisters and their families could go. We paid big money for some good seats, we had a great time. Figured it was a once in lifetime opportunity for the 3 of us. I look forward to the day I can afford to take my family to Heinz to see a game.