I haven't seen Crash at the Tavern but again, I haven't been doing a lot over there and also, I don't see many over there.. Hawaiin, remember when the Tavern invited everyone back to their site with the news they booted scrambled egg brains from being a mod ? The site prior to that was a ghost town and I truly believe you pumped life back into it. Since you haven't been there for a while it's flat again. Do you think that site can ever recover from the damage that was done ?
Also, exactly who is Crash ? He never bothered me or caused me trouble but I have to say, he was an authority on everything. I enjoy other peoples comments even if I disagree but, he seemed as if he had his own way and if he didn't agree with you or you didn't agree with him..... there was a never ending battle for him to impress his will upon everyone.
Am I'm describing that correctly ?

BTW, how do you like the chandelier I've hung up in my camp ?