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I was on the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern and the Planet simultaneously for awhile but I eventually just ended up coming here all of the time. I joined that one where Big Nasty was a mod a long time ago but I didn't care for all of the in-jokes and people with multiple accounts and alter egos and such.

I think I remember you as Helmet Head, fezz.

Ghost, was ranrod the one that ran it at the Trib and then kept doing it at the Tavern and here for awhile? I'm trying to remember who did that. LVG maybe? I think I'm going to start it up here again next year. I miss the Pick 'ems (if you couldn't tell by my posting weekly picks without the contest lol).

And I agree DJ. This is the best Steelers forum on the...Planet.

I think kipper runs tavern... used to be some toro dude too