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Hmmm, TribLive days? Here goes ...

- MisterSmartMonies ... graciously pointing out that YPA is the THE most important stat and that the '07 Steelers D giving up under 5 YPA was EPIC
- HHH ... I think he dubbed Tomlin an "overpaid janitor" (or was it someone else who said that?)
- kaopectate ... the eternal Patriot troll and liberal user of the for argumentation techine, plus he was several other things not suitable to repeat here ... got booted from Steeler Nation within a week of joining
- UNCSteeler ... used to get into flame wars with one particular poster but I can't remember that screen name ... I remember one of the threads someone posted an "eating popcorn" emoticon ... hysterical
- Remember that guy (I think he was a young teenage kid, from Austrailia) who kept posting hair-brained defensive schemes, eventually got in to flame wars, got booted, then came back under a new ID and started the same type of posts again? On one of his posts he was trying to see if there was a correlation between D coordinators smoking and the run D sucking ... hysterical
LOL, Kaopectate!!! LOL...now that really made me LOL.

What about the Browns Fan with the Penis on his face????