Are Steeler Throwback Jerseys Coming At Bad Time?

Oct 24th, 2012 by Craig Gottschalk

The Steelers are making strides to overcome their early seasonal demons. The win over the Bengals was a large step in the right direction. The team desperately needs to keep the trend moving forward. Iím not so much a man of superstition, but I am a firm believer that you donít mess with the mojo when itís working.

The Steelers will be playing in their uniforms from 1934 when the Steelers were still the Pittsburgh Pirates. As you can see they are one of the biggest visual atrocities coming out of sports aside from Craig Sager. The Steelersí (or Piratesí) record during this time equaled the visual quality of those uniforms. The Steelers went 2-10 that season when debuting these uniís. The Steelers also have a fairy poor record when it comes to wearing any throwback uniform over the past decade.

Those two factors combined, I almost feel like the Steelers should hold off on wearing these things. Wonít they be taking a chance in channeling the Pirates of old along with their bad throwback record? Letís hope it doesnít mess up the winning mojo too much. Let the bumble bee references continue!