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Thread: Redundant Thoughts 2012 Week 8 @ Bengals

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    Redundant Thoughts 2012 Week 8 @ Bengals

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    Entertaining as usual but I didn't come away from that game as down on the team as you:

    Quote Originally Posted by redundantman View Post
    12. Perspective: What is it with this team? Are they as bad as they seem to be trying to tell us? For heaven’s sake please [URL=""]do not let the Bengals talk to the Chargers anytime soon[/URL] because if the Bengals catch a couple of those passes that were hitting them in the hands as they streaked through the Steelers secondary the Steelers might not have won this game. The weeks go by in 2012 and it seems like we learn nothing new about this group of players. That might mean that there is nothing more to learn.
    Streaky, inconsistent, injury-riddled... yes. But you can just as easily point to a few bad plays here or there for us and if we make those plays, we're 6-0.

    Ravens looked unstoppable week one and they got destroyed 43-13 this past weekend.

    It's an odd season of football so far but I don't see us much worse off than many other teams in the AFC.

    We put together a darn nice running game against a stout D-Line with an O-Line that didn't resemble what was supposed to be our starting line this year. And Ben and his group of skill players are still finding their stride with a new coordinator.

    I still think there's reason to hope for a decent season. It's not how you're playing at the start of the season that really matters (see Giants last year). It's finding a way to scratch your way into the playoffs and then playing your best ball then.

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    Good post, if a bit depressing...but I agree; the Steelers didn't show enough to ease my concerns, either. Hopefully, they undergo huge improvement for the remainder of the season, but I fear their 2012 campaign will end up being characterized by the word "mediocre."

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    The only time the Steelers looked good against the Bengals in that game,was the last drive.
    Other wise they did everything in their power to keep Cincy in the game.
    INT,fumble,numerous ST penalties and dropped passes.
    Niether team wanted it bad enough till that last drive.
    Steelers this year should be deemed shoulda,woulda,coulda....
    I hope they prove me wrong...
    Plenty of time to turn it around

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    I'm sorry, but I saw a team overcome many early problems, actually run the ball with authority since the first time since I can't remember, and actually close a team, with a pretty good offense, on D in the 2nd half for the firs time since I can't recall. And for that, we get a 99% negative take? I don't agree. They showed me they could finally run the ball with authority and put a D out there that can shut the opponent down when needed. Bengals had less than 200 yards off offense and 105 yards of total passing, and for that, no kudos? Their all pro WR was held to 1 catch for 8 yards, and you see nothing positive about this game? Wow. I don't see it that way AT ALL. This is the NFL, not college ball where Alabama is playing north AB. No games is a given in the NFL, especially a road div. game.

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    You're right. I was thinking in the first half that this was the worst team I think I have seen since like the 1999 or 2003 seasons. That's been a long time.

    Second half was almost a stellar opposite. We dominate the Bengals and we win by only 7 - and not til our last drive and running out the clock is the victory sealed. To me, that's the epitome of mediocrity!
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    It was an AFC win , on the road, in prime time, that happened to be against a divisional opponent...

    I'm freaking ecstatic...

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