1. The Steelers are now undefeated in their division.

2. As is usually the case the Ravens are the only serious threat to the AFC North Division title.

3. I am beginning to wonder if there is such a thing as a team having an "injury culture". I mean it seems like EVERYONE on this team is injured.

4. The announcers love that “the Steelers are best in the league on third down” stat.

5. The level of suck this team displayed in the first half is troubling. I feel stupid saying that because .. you know ...

6. But at the same time it seems to me that the sheer magnitude of the suck requires mentioning. This team wasn't merely bad in the first half, they were annoyingly bad. I've seen herds of cats with better organization and effectiveness.

No, YOU tell him he has the wrong ball.

7. So what do we have with this year’s Steelers? A bad team.

8. Seriously, this team has displayed a remarkable downside and almost no upside. The second half was just as much the Bengals dropping passes as Ike Taylor all of a sudden being effective.

9. There’s a reason I started this week with the divisional record. But that is the ONLY positive I can see.

10. Who does this team have that is solid? Ben, Heath, Brown, Ryan Clark … that’s about it. Everyone else is either made of glass or as streaky as a Ray Stevens Greatest Hits album release party.

The gap between this guy and Weird Al was a barren wasteland of nothingness in the American music landscape.

11. This picture works on many levels.

Miss me yet?

12. Perspective: What is it with this team? Are they as bad as they seem to be trying to tell us? For heaven’s sake please do not let the Bengals talk to the Chargers anytime soon because if the Bengals catch a couple of those passes that were hitting them in the hands as they streaked through the Steelers secondary the Steelers might not have won this game. The weeks go by in 2012 and it seems like we learn nothing new about this group of players. That might mean that there is nothing more to learn.