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Thread: We Had To Wait Forever For Our Franchise QB

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    Good points. And I think that O'Donnell and Maddox were our "Romo/Rivers/Flacco". At the time, I was hopeful that Maddox would be our "Kurt Warner" - and he very well may have been - if it weren't for that paralysis-inducing injury. He was never the same after that.

    I also wonder about RGIII. He could continue to get better (like Ben, Rogers, Brady) or he could be a flash-in-the-pan like Newton appears to be. What a massive year-over-year change he's turned out to be.
    I think the biggest difference between RGIII and Newton is between the ears. Newton appears to be a tad Vince Yong-ish.

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    I would say that fantasy franchise QBs are a dime a dozen. It is easier to put up numbers in a point system that doesn't penalize losses and bad decisions, and only minimally penalizes turnovers......would you want a QB who throws for one TD and 3 ints? In fantasy that breaks him even.


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