by Joe Starkey

Hines hasn't offered many strong opinions on NBC, but, man, he crushed Bruce Arians...

Collinsworth spoke of a 'rumor' that the Steelers thought Bruce and Ben were "too close" and that it led to the move at coordinator. He asked Hines, "Do you buy into that?"

Hines answered with surprising candor: "Well, sometimes I think when you get so close, partiality sets it, and you don't know if Bruce Arians is doing what's best for the Steelers or if he's doing what's best for Ben Roethlisberger. And I think that set in. And they had to part ways, because when you go out there and you can't decide what's best for the team, and you're doing what's best for the player, sometimes it can be a problem."


Agree or not, credit Hines for going deep.