from Ed Bouchette's latest chat:

It looked like Cinci ran right all night. Do they have an all pro right guard or tackle? Or do they think Ziggy is the weak link on the Steelers D line? I felt like Ziggy got pushed around most of the game.

ME: Did you stop watching after the Bengalsí first drive? Cincinnati ran for 49 yards on that series and they did run to their right on their final five plays, scoring a touchdown doing so. They ran for 49 yards on their opening drive. After that, they ran for only 31 yards the rest of the night. Also, Ziggy Hood was credited with deflecting two passes and was fourth on the team with four tackles. Iím not comparing Hood to Aaron Smith, but if youíre going to criticize, do so with the right facts because that may have been Hoodís best game so far.