Why does the media keep printing half the stuff Big Ben says? It's kinda funny the way he so easily manipulates them.

The Haley/Ben rift is the latest in the line of Big Ben misdirections.

Once again, I think Ben's trying to make people fall asleep on him. Dink and Dunk is the new Running Game and Defense everyone talked about early in his career.

If you really think about why Ben doesn't get as much credit as other QBs, it's mostly due to Ben and the info he puts out there. Ever notice how since Ben has been in Pittsburgh, the reality of what the Steelers do on the field is never reported accurately. The Steelers beat writers write what Ben and Tomlin tell them. And I think these 2 have figured out how to get an edge in the media.

Ben needed Haley because everyone can see the defense struggling. The running game has been struggling. The penalty flags are dropping everywhere. It's become clear as day that Ben needs to carry this team.

But this "Dink and Dunk/Ben Hates Haley" stuff will make everyone miss what's really happening here. People will be talking about the D and running game come playoff time. And that's our opening. Make everyone go to sleep on Ben just in time for the playoffs and lets make a run.