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Thread: What triggered the turnaround?

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    [QUOTE=SDSteel1;529395]That's what funny about fans. They think there was some kind of "turnaround". We won by a opposed to losing by a field goal. The offense is getting better under the new system, and maybe Lebeau game planned a little better. Other than that we made 2 or 3 more plays than they did. If you look at our margin of loss this year you can see that we could very easily be 5-1 if not 6-0. There was no turnaround, but after a few losses the players might have paid attention to detail on a few more plays, and that was the difference. Wallace dropped 3 balls, and Batch dropped a TD. Ike was stilll making some contact after 5 yards, Harrison was still pretty invisable, the D line got blown off the ball on the first drive, Ben threw a pick in the endzone and fumbled in our own red zone. We gave the ball back to them while leading by a TD 3 times in the forth quarter without putting it out of reach. There was no "turnaround" we just happen to be on the winning side today.

    True! But, almost all of the above occurred before TS tied the score at 17-17 with 8:20 left in the 3rdQ. Cinci took over 1-10 at their 39 yard line were forced to punt 4th-10 from the 39. Their next 4 possessions ended with forced punts from their 20, 39, 21, and 11. The last one with 3:57 left in the game. They did not see the ball again and only made 1 1st down in those 5 possessions.

    That defensive effort was a far cry from recent games where big leads were being wasted. That could be regarded as a turnaround.

    It is possible that poor execution on the Bengals part caused this. But, certainly plenty of stellar plays were made by the Steelers.

    You said: "We gave the ball back to them while leading by a TD 3 times in the forth quarter without putting it out of reach. There was no "turnaround" we just happen to be on the winning side today."

    That is also true. But the production of the Bengals last 5 possessions was 1 1st down.

    TS 2nd possession resulted in a 67 yard drive for a TD. Their 4th possession TS drove from their 31 to the Cinci 37 Ben pooched the ball to the 11 a successful drive. The final Steeler drive ended near the goal line if more points were needed. Also TS did not get penalized in the 4thQ. Sounds like a turnaround of some kind to me.

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    I thought someone said their starting Center went down.. They cashed us on the first drive but after that it.was shutdown.. the run D definitely.improved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AkronSteel View Post
    I think the Woodley play was the turning point of that game for sure. He gave the Steelers the chance to put that start they had behind them and when they went to the locker room tied 14-14, I knew the game was going to be ours. They dominated the Bengals in the 2nd half completely. They need to do a better job of finishing off opponents and putting those closing points on the board but I will take it for now. I think this puts the Steelers right where they need to be going into the next stretch.
    An argument could be made that Woodley has better hands than Wallace.


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