Everywhere you looked today fans were excited by the coming to life of the team especially in the 2nd half. The D was attacking. The O was in sync.

Anyone have any idea of something happening in the 2nd half that might have triggered this change. [Woodley's INT was in the 1st half]

I jokingly gave credit for the change to the Steelers taking a slug of Uncle Richie's magic elixir cure-all at halftime. I tried to post some pictures of those old west medicine man wagons and advertisements from that era but they would not post. That was supposed to be the antidote to that negative post about the Steelers losing a lot of 4thQ leads called Uncle Richies #1 D which was was funny but not too flattering.

But anyway you get the idea. There was a very noticeable change all round in the teams play. What caused it?

Could it have been Uncle Richie's Tonic? The ad did say Transform your sluggish, listless defense into a powerful energetic force instantly blah blah ----

Anybody think of a more logical reason for the turnaround?