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Don't buy into the rhetoric too much. On some plays, he made blocks that he should make. It is not like he owned anybody. Geno Atkins threw his 400-pound carcass around too you know.

Dwyer is what he is... very impressive, when he is healthy and motivated. But he still doesn't show the heart/drive that one wants to see. AGAIN... he breaks off a nice run, and he's tapping on his helmet for someone to spell him...

THIS IS YOUR BIG SHOT. #1 and #2 were OUT. It is your chance to take the bull by the horns. Now, his numbers do say that he had a nice game still, but it certainly couldve been more.
While he has put a spark in the running game, this is still my problem with Dwyer and where the Bus comparison doesn't work. He needs to work on his endurance (like some HIIT training). After a decent run, he seems to always want and need a breather. Though this is less of an issue if Mendenhall and/or Redman are 100% healthy.