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Thread: Mike Wallce Sucks... Trade him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillyesq View Post
    The Bengals showed why you want 2 good WRs. I like Antonio Brown, but he is no AJ Green, and Green was taken out of the game by the Steelers. Much harder to 2 when you have to worry about 2 WRs.

    I would like to see Wallace return (at a reasonable rate, of course) because of the balance he brings to the offense. Even with a few drops, you have to account for his speed. If a deal cannot be reached, the Steelers need to get value in return for Wallace. Otherwise, it would open a big hole that needs to get filled.
    I still don't think the Steelers should pay him 50million or more and I don't see them doing so.

    If Sanders stays healthy, I think him and Brown will be top 2 receivers next year. We'll see if a 2nd year guy, an upcoming draft pick or Cotchery will be our #3.

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    Steelers notebook: Wallace ready to move on

    Steelers receiver Mike Wallace plays against the Raiders at Sports Authority Coliseum Oct. 2012

    By Ralph N. Paulk
    Published: Friday, October 26, 2012

    Mike Wallace has put together some impressive numbers during his career. But his career-high four drops against the Bengals nearly got into his head.

    Wallace is convinced he remedied the situation in preparing to face the Washington Redskins on Sunday at Heinz Field.

    Im upset it happened, but you cant dwell on it too much because itll roll over to the next game, Wallace said. Im good about it now because I caught everything in practice this week to get it off my back.

    Wallace has gone back to the basics. He spent the week polishing his routes and using his eyes to the watch the ball in before tucking it away. He challenged cornerbacks Ike Taylor and Keenan Lewis to help sharpen his focus.

    Still, hes perplexed about his uninspired performance against the Bengals.

    I dont know what happened, he said. It was kind of a snowball effect. I took my eyes off the first one, and I had hard time shaking it off.


    Steelers safety Ryan Clark will hardly recognize the Redskins: Only two players tight end Chris Cooley and receiver Santana Moss remain on the Washington roster since he left after the 2005 season.

    They were the only two. Its been a long time, Clark said. It would be cool to see those guys. Its not the same team though as when I left. This is the Steelers versus the new Redskins. Its going to be a challenge.

    The Steelers won, 23-6, in the teams last meeting in 2008. Clark sat out that game with an injured shoulder. Hell get his chance to face down Moss, a deep threat for rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III.

    When I was there, (Moss) was the guy, Clark said. He was our No. 1 option. He was in the prime of his career.


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    He challenged cornerbacks Ike Taylor and Keenan Lewis to help sharpen his focus.
    Well then I sure feel better..........BTW anyone know how many PI calls Ike got in practice this week?

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